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“Maharashtra”- as the name by itself connotes-is a state which is rich and prosperous and often dubbed as the economic powerhouse of India. It is also financially and industrially one of the most developed states of India. The richness of the state does not come only from its sound economic conditions but also from its people- vibrant, earthy people for whom life itself is a celebration.

Maharashtrians seek variety and vibrancy from the news channels as well in order to gratify various spheres of their lives. News for them is not only information about politics/ current affairs but also infotainment and entertainment and operates in functional as well as emotional domain.

Catering to the news needs of the Maharashtrians, ABP Majha brings to its viewers in-depth and insightful news & analysis about the various happenings at the regional, national and international level. Mirroring the aspirations and distinct socio-political characteristics of the region, it captured the hearts of 11 million Indians weekly, in a short time. It has created a unique niche for itself in the Marathi space by airing informative programs in innovative formats.

ABP Majha (formerly STAR Majha) made its debut in June 2007 and was rebranded to ABP Majha from 1st June 2012. ABP Majha is a part of the ANN group, an important news content provider in the country. ABP Majha is run by a highly trained and passionate team guided by industry stalwarts.

The vision of the channel is to bring the truth and real facts to its viewers through its unconventional and unbiased news reporting. The channel lives its vision through its tagline as well- “Ugada dole baga neet”-Open your eyes and see clearly. The channel not only offers its viewers on-air content but regularly partners the society at large in celebrating the pleasure of being a Marathi through its events like Bappa Majha, Jr. Anchor Hunt, Majha Maharashtra 20:20 and Majha Sanman Puraskar.

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