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Bengal is a culturally rich state known for its traditions, literary heritage and prosperous history- having a strong inclination and sensitivity towards in-depth insights and information. It was rightly referred to as “Paradise of the Nations” by the Mughals.

Bengalis, largely information enthusiasts…..seek information as a daily ritual to form logical self opinions which help them to discuss various topics with their peer group, thus enabling the “adda culture”. From a news channel, they expect serious news and infotainment coupled with quick information about their political milieu, society and the state at large.

Catching the pulse of the Bengali viewers, ABP Ananda consistently brings to its viewer’s broad and insightful news reports along with entertainment features and continues to hold the leading position reaching out to 8 million Bengalis across the nation.

ABP Ananda emanates from the ANN Group, a prominent content provider in the country. ABP Ananda (formerly STAR Ananda) entered the Bengali News market on June 1, 2005 and seven years later on the same date, was rebranded ABP Ananda. With its inception, ABP Ananda managed to revolutionize the news broadcasting in the vernacular market. Headquartered in Kolkata with state-of-the-art production facilities, ABP Ananda works with an extensive bureau network spread across the country.

The vision of the channel is to stay ahead in order to keep its viewers ahead- “Egiye thake egiye rakhe”. ABP Ananda has earned a repute of being an innovative, conscientious channel that goes beyond conventional reporting. The viewers yearn and look forward to the high decibel events of the state organized exclusively by ABP Ananda like Sera Bengali, Sharad Ananda, Ananda Anchor Hunt, Ananda 20-20, Bitarke Ananda etc.

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